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Golf Forum rules

The GolfSmash forum works because our members agree to our Vow of Conduct. At its most basic level, the Vow of Conduct requires all members to respect the time and expertise of others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I noticed that someone posted spam or another inappropriate message. What should I do?
A: Use the "report" button that is in the bottom right corner of each message to report the post to site administrators.
Q: I saw that someone asked a question that has been asked over and over again and I am sick of seeing it. Should I answer with a sarcastic response?
A: No. If you want to be helpful, post a link to a previous thread or politely suggest the poster use the search system. If you don't want to be helpful, please move on to the next thread.
Q: I also saw that someone posted a really stupid question. Should I call them an idiot?
A: No. Site Administrators probably had exactly the same question at some time and will take offense at the inference that they are idiots.
Q: There is a thread that I really hate and I wish people would stop posting in it. Should I post a message saying, "Please stop posting in this thread?"
A: No, your post will simply make the thread go back to the top of the list of topics and give it additional exposure. If you don't like a thread, don't read it.
Q: Don't all users have a right to free expression and should be able to post anything they like? Isn't it censorship when a Site Administrator interferes with that right?
A: No and No. We allow great leeway in what users are allowed to say, but Site Administrators reserve the right to delete and/or modify any message at any time for any reason.
Q: There's nothing on your site that says that posts need to be constructive, non-ironic or even polite.
A: When you respond to posts, please be constructive, non-ironic, and polite. While other posters' questions and/or viewpoints may not seem relevant to you, they may still be important to the poster. Please treat them with respect and respond in a manner in which you would like people to respond to you. Posts that appear to be aimed at "trolling" the forum rather than engaging in constructive discussion may be deleted.