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Choosing Winter Golf Gloves

Jan 15, 2015 5:34 PM
Some golfers are lucky enough to live where the weather is good all year around or are wealthy enough to be able to follow the sun. The majority however live in parts of the world where they have to deal with the seasons and so it becomes necessary to kit themselves out with cold weather attire and while it is easy to find clothes which are warm but still allow freedom of movement; choosing winter golf gloves which are right for them can be a little more complex.

Most sportswear manufacturers offer a line of winter golf gloves many golfers have their personal favorite manufacturer of accessories. Finding the perfect pair may mean looking at numerous suppliers. Some gloves which are extremely warm may not give enough maneuverability or grip for some golfers while others may not keep the hands adequately warm between shots.

Listed here are a nice variety of winter golf gloves currently on the market; each with their own particular feature and all designed to help the golfer enjoy their game all year round.

FootJoy WinterSof Winter Golf Gloves have palms of water-resistant Cabretta leather and 3M Thinsulate insulation for added warmth even in the coldest of conditions. The microfiber fleece of this WinterSof glove is incredibly lightweight which means it will not hamper a golfers style.

Forgan Winter Golf Gloves have a double fleece water repellent top and synthetic palms to aid grip. These gloves were designed with the winters of St Andrews in Scotland in mind so they should stand up to very adverse conditions.

Mizuno ThermaGrip Gloves feature very soft supple Cabretta leather palms which are water repellent as well as providing warmth. A Velcro fastener fits snugly at the wrist for a secure fit to keep out both cold and rain.

Etonic G-Sok Winter Golf Gloves are perfect for the cold weather even in stormy or icy conditions. While providing warmth and protection from the elements with their Dri-Fleece microfiber; these gloves have uniquely patterned leather palms and leather fingertips which allow enhanced tactile grip on a golf club no matter what the weather. An extra-length knitted cuff ensures a cozier fit to keep in the warmth and keep out the cold.

HJ Weather-Ready Rain Gloves are high-performance microfiber winter golf gloves with the added bonus of being waterproof; made from a mesh material which dries rapidly and provides extra reliable grip. The gloves fit so snugly and comfortably; without the discomfort of seams often associated with gloves that consumers declare them not only excellent for driving golf balls but also perfect for driving cars.

These are just a small selection of the many winter golf gloves available for the golfer to choose from. Every golfer has their own style of play and also of dress so the wide array of choices means that there is something to suit every golfer.