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19th Hole
News and Opinion

Golf Blogs: golf clothes

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Gettin' Colorful
Aug 1, 2015 6:24 PM
Tags: golf clothes   Golf shoes  
Hello my people and welcome to my suggestions on how to add flair to your golfing outfits and light up the course. As you know, there are many bright and colorful outfits and shirts out on the market these days and golfers are showing their personalities a bit more. But the best part of golf is that even if you are a more reserved golfer, you can still look as electrifying as those crazies celebrating their bogeys loudly in the middle of the day. Last week, I suggested colorful tees. While that is one minor way to get colorful, we are going to go through some stages on how to truly become colorful on the golf course. First, let's start with the shirts. Shirts are what you are going to see the most in your outfit as you ride and/or walk around any given golf course. Golf shirts come in all sorts of designs and colors and fits. Personally, I will always choose a shirt that fits well but allows me mobility in my arms to throw the club at the ball as the commentators always say on CBS. I also prefer to mix my bright and eccentric colors with a nice dull but sharp color like a gunmetal silver or the traditional white and black. My favorite golf shirt right now is a gunmetal grey Nike shirt with a mint green mixed in with various sized stripes. Next, we have to talk about pants and shorts. Now, the traditional colors for golf pants ahve always been black, khaki, grey, and nvay blue. More recently, white has become a normal color choice and then the crazy colors are coming into their own as well. I am dying to buy a solid blue or solid green pant to add some flair to my game. And of course, you have to have a variety of belts and belt buckles to truly be inventive with your golf outfits. On the shoe front, your first choice is to choose a traditional or sport type shoe. The difference here is that if you go traditional, you are generally going to have soft spikes on the bottoms of your shoe and the formed leather topping a rubber sole. Sports shoes are what Tiger had been wearing where they took a running shoe design and transformed it for golf, adding comfort and subtracting weight, making them incredibly comfortable. Generally speaking, these shoes are going to be accented with neon colors or other colors but the entire shoe most likely will not (unless you are a Puma fan.) Finally, hats come in all sorts of designs and colors as well. You have your traditional solid colored hats than can be just about any color, as well as the trucker style hats with the front panel colored a certain way. Then, your golf glove is traditionally white with the velcro panel coming in various colors, however, if you see some solid colors other than white, grab them up and use them. Or, go with the black rain gloves for durability at all times, they last longer than leather gloves do and you look like you mean business!

Staying Warm and Dry at The Open
Jul 17, 2015 5:25 AM
Hello and Good Day! I LOVE the British Open, also known as The Open. It is very easily my favorite major championship for a variety of reasons. Reason 1, the venue rotates around the British Isles. Reason 2, half of the field will inevitably complain about the wind or the greens or the weather and you can count them out (exception to the rule: St. Andrews). But the third reason is the best reason: the golfers cannot escape the weather. Not a chance. It is going to be windy, it is going to feel cold, and it is going to rain sideways. The golfers just have to put up and shut up, forcing them to grind and play a very imaginative round of golf. So, how do they stay warm and dry at the course, and how could you copy them? Staying Dry This is an interesting concept in a country where it rains more than you see the sun. If you remember the 2010 Ryder Cup, the Americans were poorly prepared for staying dry with their rainsuits and ended up buying suits overseas to replace the fashionable ones they arrived with. The fact is that Europeans create much better rain suits than we do. They use Gore-tex to keep the insides of the suit dry while the outsides repel water. If you are looking for a suit to stay dry in, you need to consider three things: Material, style, and looks...in that order people! Like I said, you want a Gore-tex type material and you want to make sure that nothing has been stitched all the way through the jacket. As far as style, do you want a long sleeved jacket that restricts motion or do you want a half sleeve option that drenches your arms? I prefer the half sleeve with a cold weather sleeve covering the rest of my arm (Nike sleeves or Under Armer Cold Weather gear). And finally looks. When you look good, you play good so pick something that will keep you dry and looking good with anything you wear. My goal is to find a white jacket with blue accents on it that will go with any shorts or pants that I wear. Also, if you watch The Open this week, Fowler's Blue Puma Suit is pretty nifty. Staying Warm In regards to staying warm, I am all about layering my clothes to allow for quick changes on the course. I grew up in Ohio and during college in Tennessee we played rounds in the snow so I had to figure out how to stay warm. When it is cold, I will wear a normal golf polo as my base layer. I have the Nike Sleeves to keep my arms warm and they don't pull against my torso. Depending on how cold it is, I go for a vest to keep my torso warm and then I will through a pullover on top of everything. My tip for pullovers is to buy them larger than normal to accomodate the extra clothing and keep them from pulling due to tightness. And of course, invest in some hot hands to put in your pockets and shoes. I will always wear two pairs of socks in the cold and wet to keep my feet warm. Finally, if it is cold, I will wear my rain pants to break the breeze cutting into the fabric and allow for warm clothes underneath. Whatever you choose, remember to stay warm and stay comfortable!

Anatomy of a Stylish Golfer
Nov 18, 2014 11:15 PM
Tags: golf clothes   style   fashion   golf apparel  
I don’t know about you – but I love looking good on the golf course (well, as good as I can look, anyway). While I don’t particularly pay much attention to how I dress when I’m off course, my apparel for heading to the first tee is carefully thought out and prepared. I want to be comfortable, well dressed, and prepared for an enjoyable round. While I will always be more concerned about my swing and my score than my clothes, it is still important to me to look by best. The infographic included in this blog post highlights some specific items that you may want to consider as you are building your golf wardrobe. With garments from some of the biggest names in golf – such as Adidas, Nike, Pine, and more – it is a list worth reviewing for yourself. Below are a few points for you to consider before your next trip to the golf shop – Have layers available. Since a round of golf usually takes four hours or more, you are likely to encounter changing weather conditions at least once during the day. With that in mind, make sure your golf apparel is made up of lightweight layers that you can combine to get just the right look and feel. Being able to stay warm while still being free enough to make a good swing is key. Bright colors are okay! You don’t have to stick with khaki pants and white shirts – in fact, personal flair and creativity are encouraged. Feel free to wear brightly colored golf clothes to show off some personality and stand out from the bland crowd. Pay attention to your shoes. The golf shoes that you wear should be as much about function as they are about fashion. You want to wear a pair of shoes that are comfortable on your feet, will give you a good grip on the turf, and will keep water out. Investing in a quality pair of golf shoes is something that you will be glad you did. Golf clothes can serve many purposes. Don’t think of golf apparel shopping as being limited to the golf course. In fact, you will probably be able to find many different occasions to wear your great-looking golf clothes during everyday life. With those shopping tips in mind, take a look at the list in our infographic and start to build a great looking golf wardrobe today!

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