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Can Golf Help You De-Stress?

Apr 9, 2015 5:21 AM
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Did you know that golf is a great activity for relieving stress? It’s true, even professional golfers admit that playing golf for 3 to 4 hours every day relieves them off stress and anxiety. In fact, most competitive golfers play golf 4 to 5 hours a day, just a week before major tournaments to be calm and relaxed when the crunch time comes.
The primary reason why golfing can help you stay calm and collected is because of the environment. Golf is an outdoor sport which you play at a lush green and serene environment with a gentle breeze blowing. Yes, that why it is so relieving. You can think of it as meditation and exercise combined, beneficial for both your mind and your body.

Should Golf Be Blamed For Causing Stress Rather Than Treating It?

Many people believe that any sporting activity can cause stress, both physical and emotional. Although it is true that you feel exhausted by playing a sport, it is a completely different thing to feel stressed out because of it. Well, if you talk about age, then it is safe to say that there are a lot of elderly folk who play golf just to pass time and be one with nature. As a matter of fact, try visiting a golf club. You will see that a majority of people who play golf are in the 40 to 70 age group.

How Golf Helps You De-Stress

Here a few ways golf helps you de-stress:
  • When you go to a golf club, before doing anything, take a 10-minute walk around the course you intend to play on and breathe some fresh while loosening your body.
  • After you do so, grab a refreshing drink and sit down at a spot from where you can view the entire golf course.
  • If you have a friend who has tagged along, start a game with him and try not to be too competitive. During the game, try to have a productive conversation with him. If he is a good friend, discuss your troubles and get a load of your chest. The social aspect of golfing enhances its effectiveness as a stress reliever.
All in all, golf is a sport where you need focus and determination to play and win. However, at the same time you also need to be calm in order to have some fun. So, in light of the aforementioned suggestions and tips you will come to realize that golf can indeed be a great stress buster.

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