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Golf Basics: Different Types of Golf Shots

Jan 30, 2015 2:44 PM
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For professional golfers, talking about different types of golf shots might seem too meaningless or inconsequential, but for an amateur, this guide can be of great help. One of the most common misconceptions found among golfers is regarding the golf shots played; as not every incorrectly played shot is called a slice shot. There are more specific names and explanations for each different type of shot that players must know, before stepping onto the course.

In this post, we are discussing various types of golf shots and also explaining how is each of them different from the other.
A Slice Shot is the most common bad shot that beginners usually play. What exactly is a slice shot? Well, it occurs when a golf ball is hit with an open club face; due to which it slices hard to the right. Furthermore, a slice shot is also a result of body alignment error, where the lower body of the golfer moves quicker than the upper body; making the club face open; causing this effect.
A Hook Shot is completely opposite to a slice shot. Here the ball curves hard to the left than to the right. Unlike the slice, the reason behind its occurrence is either a closed club face or the quick movement of upper body than the lower. Most of the times, a hooking shot is very difficult to be controlled, so playing it on purpose is quite rare.
A Fade Shot is certainly a tricky shot to play, and therefore, only skilled golfers are able to play such a shot on purpose. In this shot, the ball shoots out straight at the beginning but gradually curves towards the right. In order to play a fade shot, golfers either swing the club outside-in or hit the ball with an open club face.    
A Draw Shot is opposite to a fade shot, where the ball takes off straight in the air but then slightly ‘draws’ towards the left. It occurs when during the impact, the club’s face is open, or it is swigged inside-out.
A Pure shot is what a golfer should aim for. Unlike the above mentioned badly played shots, a purely hit shot or a pure shot is a deviation-free and perfectly in-lined one that lands straight on the desired target.
The next time you step onto the course; call all your incorrectly played shots with their correct names and sound like a professional golfer

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