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Miniature Golf Tips to Improve Your Game on the Greens

Jun 6, 2015 1:50 PM
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Miniature golf, also known as mini-golf or putt putt, is the miniature version of golf. It is a fun putting game that can be enjoyed by any one of any age. This is because mini-golf isn’t exactly a strenuous sport and you don’t need to be in great physical shape to enjoy it. However, if you are an amateur golfer, this sport might just be able to help you enhance your putting skills, as mini-golf is all about precision and timing (two traits of a professional golfer). So, follow these miniature golf tips to improve your game on the greens:

Analyze the Course

Before starting the game, it is imperative that you walk the course. This is because miniature golf has many obstacles and tricks that you may not find in real golf. It’s like playing adventure-style golf, as the layout of holes is different than the traditional putt-putt course. Once you walk the course, you will have a slight overview on how to play to get the ball to sink into each hole.

It’s a Putting Game

Mini-golf is known as “Putt Putt” for a reason. It is a putting game, so you can’t just simply whack away the ball with force. As an amateur golfer it is imperative that you utilize your skills from the green, here on the mini-golf course. Therefore, practice a proper putting stance by gripping the putter securely and swinging from the shoulders, not the wrists.

Tune out Distractions

Similar to how real golf requires strict concentration, mini-golf requires you to tune out all distractions revolving around fire breathing dragons and revolving wickets. Winning at miniature golf can also help you face distractions during real golf games like mosquitoes (a hazard during night plays) and summer thunderstorms.

Avoid Hitting too Hard

As mentioned earlier, mini-golf is a putting game. Therefore, to stay below or on par, make sure to avoid hitting the ball too hard. Look for alternative ways to get the ball into the hole. You can find may hidden places and corners in mini-golf that can help you increase the chances of sinking the ball. This goes the same with real golf in circumstances you can’t hit a perfect shot or doubt your ability to hit a shot, look for an easier alternative way to get the ball into the hole.
So, now that you are familiar with the abovementioned tips, using miniature golf to improve your game on the greens won’t be a problem.

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