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Play Truth or Dare with Golf....

Dec 8, 2014 2:08 AM
[Click To View Larger Image]
If you are interested to spice things a little while you are playing, you should think about playing a small "truth or dare" game for each hole. Here are some suggestions for the next nine holes that you may play next time, make sure these don't break any rules of the golf facility or make your golf partner angry.
Hole #1
Truth: If you could be born again who would you once back as?
Dare: Try to be tickled for 30 seconds without laughing.

Hole # 2
Truth: What is one thing you wish you could un-see in a golf course?
Dare: Talk to cart girl for five minutes without stopping.

Hole #3
Truth: When was the last time you cheated in a golf course?
Dare: Drive your golf cart for five minutes in circles.

Hole #4
Truth: Would you have mentioned if you manage to hit the wrong ball from a bunker?
Dare: Wear your shirt inside out.

Hole #5
Truth: What is most intriguing about the person on your left? if not left on your right? Neither side make an imaginary person?
Dare: Answer your next call no matter who it is, or how quite you have to be, make sure to make a sexiest voice possible.

Hole #6
Truth: The best time to ------- is -------.
Dare: Record the sounds on your way to next hole.

Hole # 7
Truth: What song makes you think of your worst score in a golf course?
Dare: Jump 50 jumping jacks.

Hole #8
Truth: When last did you flirt with an opposite sex partner in a golf course? and who was it?
Dare: While driving golf cart, take the first left and take the road until it ends.

Hole # 9
Truth: What is the best compliment you got while playing golf?
Dare: Say everything you are thinking for the next five minutes.

Photo Credit: Sunbury Golf National, 2014.

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