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The Best Golfing Destinations in the World

Feb 4, 2015 9:09 AM
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The world’s best golfing destinations that are legendary, serene, and offer stunning views, are somehow concentrated in the US. No surprise that the country has produced many greats of the game. If you are looking to have the game of your life, you have to choose from the best courses in the world. Thankfully, most of them are just a few hours’ away by roads. So, without further ado, here are 6 of the best golfing destinations in the world:

1.     Bermuda

Bermuda has nine amazing golf courses. It has the highest concentration of golf opportunities per square mile than any country. The tiny elevated greens are often guarded by sand traps to ensure golfers minimize wayward shots and play with rapt attention.

2.     Arizona

The Valley of the Sun offers plenty of great golf courses. There are 200 golf courses in all, ensuring you have plenty of options to choose from. If you want to challenge yourself, head down to the Raven Golf Club which is located near the South Mountain. There, you get to play near 7,000 pine trees. Or, perhaps you want to test your skills against elevation by playing at a steep-faced bunker, which you can find at the Golf Club of Estrella.

3.     Hawaii

Golf and Hawaii might appear antonyms to the uninitiated but you might be surprised to learn it is one of the foremost golfing destinations in the world. There are coastal cliffs and lush, green mountains, and the temperate climate ensures you can play at any time of the year you decide to visit. The best courses are the Ko’Olau and Ko Olina in Oahu, and Maanele Bay (which features Greg Norman’s Challenge) and Koele (where you can enjoy the Jack Nicklaus Experience) in Lanai.

4.     Colorado

Colorado has 38 miniature golf courses and putt-putt golf courses to choose from. The peak golf season in Colorado ranges from April to October. Unless the courses are wet, you can head down to the greens and play a round.

5.     South Carolina

South Carolina is a premier golfing destination. The Wild Dunes resort is among the best in the state and features 36 holes. The course is designed by Tom Fazio. The Wild Dunes resort also offers one of the top Charleston golf schools with a variety of clinics, lessons and incentives.

6.     Palm Springs, CA:

Perhaps the best-known golfing destination in the US, Palm Springs, California, is as posh as you can get. You can head down to the La Quinta Resort, with its great courses, including three which are part of PGA West. The two great 36-hole resorts, the Desert Willow and the Indian Wells are also located here. In other words, Palm Springs offers golfing at its exclusive best.
So, these are 6 of the best golfing destinations in the world you should head out to..

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