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Tips to Hit a Pure Golf Shot

Feb 2, 2015 2:08 PM
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To the audience, golf might appear as a simple game, in which players have to put a white, wrinkled ball into a hole, using a stick. But, it is only the golfer who knows the hardcore technicalities that are involved in playing a pure golf shot; that lands on the target.
Consistent golf swings, appropriate amount of force, and aligned body gestures are some of the many factors that contribute to hitting a desired shot - also known as a purely hit shot or a pure shot. Deviation-free and perfectly in-lined; a pure shot is what all golfers aim for. But, it is not easy to play such shots, every time you hit the ball.
In order to help golfers improve their consistency of playing the right shots; in this post, we are highlighting some of the most helpful tips. Read on to discover them.
  • The golf swing plays a crucial part in determining the directions and the speed of the ball. To maintain the consistency of the swing, it is very important to keep the force applied on the swing, constant. To do so, golfers should keep their golf clubs parallel to the motion of the swing, from the start of the backswing, to the down swing and in the pass-through phase.
  • With arms rotating at around fifty miles per hour; one of the major mistakes made by amateur golfers is keeping their heads still, while playing a shot. When players try to keep their heads still; they actually develop excessive stress in their shoulders that results in a slice shot. To avoid this, allow your head to rotate freely with your shoulders and make no efforts to keep it still and stable in a stiff position.
  • Shaft angle is the key behind a well aligned swing; and in order to obtain one, it is very important for the golf shaft and the left arm of the golfer to be perpendicular (at 90 degrees) to each other. For perfection of this body gesture, practice with a pitching wedge and keep swinging it until the club is fully vertical, with your left arm being horizontal to it - both forming an ‘L’ shape together. 
  • Tension free muscles result in the correct grip that helps in avoiding slice or hook shots. Stretching arms, legs, and shoulders before the start of the game also helps to minimize the stress and rigidity built in the muscles.
Observe these simple rules, while playing golf, so that all of your incorrect shots are converted into pure and accurate ones.

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