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GolfSmash is dedicated to providing the best in technology to get your message out to not only your customers, but to all golfers. We provide golfers a unique experience on our platform that enables them to keep in touch with their friends, book tee times, review courses and equipment and we provide a GPS and rangefinder all at no charge to the golfer or the facility. Our business motto is to create the best experience for golfers and the most robust suite of tools including POS and Tee Sheet for facilities. This is good news for course operators and golfers alike!

Posting News and Events

We allow you to post news and events not only through email and website, but more importantly through Push Notifications. With this technology, you can fill a tee sheet or fill a 144 person scramble easily.

Notifications on Mobile Apps

Golfers events and news notifications instantly. Let them know instantly of your latest news and events and keep them informed in real time!

Follow Golf Courses

Now your customers can follow you not only on FaceBook, but now on the world’s first golf only Social Media Platform. This enables you to connect like no way before.

Golf Course Forums

We enable facilities to stay in touch with each other. This is a feature that is only for our customers and it allows you to ask questions, post news, get answers and help each other grow without the fear of bartering business or being in competition.
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