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« Indiana Golf Courses

McMillen Park Golf Course

Address: 3900 Hessen Cassel Rd, Fort Wayne, IN 46806-4528
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Course Info

McMillen Park was established in 1937 but it was not until 1962 that the golf course was built and then opened in 1963. According to rumors that circulated in the 60's, the Shoaff family and the McMillen families were racing to see who could open their course first. The true history of the courses is still unclear today. At par 58, presently a par 65, McMillen was the first executive course in the area. The first "Little City" golf tournament was hosted by McMillen golf course in 1965 and has since remained the host. The Little City golf tournament is the second longest running tournament run by the Fort Wayne Golf Association.

McMillen golf has had only four golf professionals in its existence: Bill Berg, Bill Miller, Bob Placido, and Rick Hemsoth. Bill Berg saw the course through its construction and its first few years of operation. Bill Miller took over in 1969 and under his direction the golf course was changed and expanded. Bob Placido was the first professional to bring McMillen large scale merchandising. Rick Hemsoth started several programs and received the Indiana Junior Leader of the Year award and has been named one of Indiana's best teachers by Golf Digest. In 1998 the Lifetime Sports Academy became part of the park which attracts more than 1,600 kids during the summer.

The course had several superintendents over the years: Woody Drudge, Tommy Thompson, Bob Placido, Mark Sadler, Ned Biddle, Mike Hahn, and Rick Hemsoth. The current Superintendent is Bryan Keister who took over in 1990. He was superintendent during the construction of all phases of the Lifetime Sports Academy as well as the construction of the Mad Anthony III's course. In 2002 Bryan assumed the Superintendent's job at Foster golf course and in 2010 was appointed superintendent of Shoaff golf course.