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« Virginia Golf Courses

Robert Trent Jones Golf Club

Address: 1 Turtle Point Dr, Gainesville, VA 20155-2803
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Course Info

Robert Trent Jones Golf Club provides a total Member experience that is second to none. The course architect and patriarch, Robert Trent Jones, Sr., set the bar high by creating his masterpiece from a special parcel on Lake Manassas that he considered to be the best golf course land he’d ever seen. The vision for the Club was crafted by its founding Trustees who insisted that every detail of the facility and the service be first-class. They shared the vision with the founding Members and instilled it in the staff in an enduring way. Members and their guests enjoy the fruits of the founders’ vision, The RTJ Experience, every time they visit the Club and it never gets old. It feels just as good on the 100th visit as on the first. 

Lake Manassas is integral to the experience. It captivates you when you first step outside the clubhouse, and it soothes your soul as you walk the magnificent course. The lake and the course provide an incredibly serene setting that is complemented by the way Members and their guests are treated from the moment they enter the property until the time they leave. They can truly relax and enjoy themselves as they escape the outside world. 

RTJ is a golf club in the truest sense--there are no tennis courts, there’s no pool, and the members are passionate about the game of golf and respectful of its traditions. Members’ families are welcome, but only when the Member is at the Club--there are no un-escorted minors. It’s all part of the vision to create a unique environment for golf and camaraderie without distraction. It is elegant and at the same time relaxed. You feel the magnificence of the surroundings and yet you can unwind and enjoy uninterrupted time with friends. 

Membership is by invitation only. Members are the fabric of the RTJ experience and they’re careful to introduce only candidates who will preserve and improve it. They check their egos at the gate and they don’t try to outdo each other--it would be futile. Members are treated with utmost respect and they are compelled to reciprocate with staff and other Members. 

The RTJ Experience is open to all as the Club embraces diversity within its membership, leadership and staff. 

The RTJ Experience in Members’ Own Words 

“When I go through the gates my world changes from black and white to color” 

“It’s Golf Heaven” 

“At RTJ the answer is always yes” 

“It's as close as I'll ever come to feeling like I own my own golf club” 

“It's my perfect five hour vacation” 

“One of the top three clubs in the world” 
Santiago Badessich, Developer of TPC Cancun, and an International Member of RTJ who has played in the British Amateur, when asked how RTJ compared to the great clubs.