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Florida Golfers

Florida Golfers is a social group of people who play this great state. We welcome you to post and share your golf course experiences.
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Hey Craigs, nice group! Let us know what you think about the site!
Sep 3, 2015 10:30 AM 0 Comments
This kid can teach you a thing or two!
Karl has a great swing and knows the game! Check the video
Sep 4, 2015 8:30 AM 1 Comments
etiquette amid coronavirus pandemic
Golf is one of the few things people can still do during the coronavirus outbreak — but new pandemic rules are anything but par for the course, operators said Thursday. Players have been struck by a huge number of germ-safe guidelines and behavior recommendations in the tri-state region, running from a one-individual per-truck limit, to no contacting banners or coming to in openings for balls. "We're empowering no handshaking or clench hand knocking, and to keep up six feet from every individual," said Chris Mulvihill of the Crystal Springs Golf Resort in Hamburg. "A few people say, hold up, that is outrageous yet we're attempting to be proactive." The golf course put out a game-changing rundown of new principles that incorporates expelling rakes from sand traps and ball washers alongside encouraging golfers not to polish off close shots to abstain from contacting within gaps. The hotel has likewise introduced "raised openings" that balls "effectively skip out of" to encourage golfers not to utilize their hands, Mulvihill said. Alongside cleaning all driving extent balls between every player, it has additionally gone to a money let loose set. Different courses, including Fox Hollow Golf Club and Neshanic Valley Golf Course in New Jersey, have been asking players to stroll as opposed to driving trucks to energize social separating. Others are asking players to book early so there's no compelling reason to enter the ace shop. "We are sterilizing trucks between use, urging golfers to leave the banner and hauling our cups out marginally so you don't need to reach in and contact them," said Matthew Galvin, proprietor of Morningstar Golf and Hospitality in New Jersey. His course, Fox Hollow Golf Club, recently had a no strolling decide that has since been rejected. "Presently we let individuals walk in the event that they wish," he said. "That space is acceptable." Be that as it may, even with stricter new standards, the connections have been pressed, golf course laborers said. "I have a full Tee sheet tomorrow," said Tom, a genius shop laborer at the Neshanic Valley Golf Course He said the green was generally as occupied as it was two weeks back. "Individuals are going mix insane," he said. "They're coming here on the grounds that they can't take it at home any longer!"
Mar 30, 2020 4:44 PM 0 Comments
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