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Full Swing Golf Tips

Sep 23, 2014 11:27 AM
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Full Swing Tips

Plant your feet on the ground and think of your legs being strong as a tree trunk. Put your feet shoulder width apart, allowing the inside of your feet to be in line with the outside of your shoulders. The key is balance.


Think of the golf swing in concepts. To build a solid golf swing is to start with the waist down first. To produce a consistent and straight shot, the club needs to stay on the correct plane. Rotate and turn the club around the body, allowing the club to turn on an arc- NOT on a straight line. The problem with thinking the swing is on a straight line, is you will allow steepness and coming over the top. The earth is round and your golf swing should be too. In order to hit the ball straight, you must keep the clubface going straight back and straight through. Return the clubface through the ball, as you have it at set up. The face position should open on the way back and square up at impact, then closing on the way through. NOT straight on the way through.


Under rotation causes a block/slice and over rotation causes a hook/pull.

If you are just starting in the game, remember that the club should rotate around as your body turns in the golf swing. Think of the concept and allow your body to follow. To start, try rotating in a smooth motion and then work into a more powerful swing. Baby steps in golf can be more productive than trying to achieve all your goals at once.

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