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About Me

An active Class-A PGA Member, Parker Parsons has more than 20 years of experience. He has attended countless PGA teaching summits, fitting Workshops and seminars to hone his skills. He is well versed in the technical fitting cycles of all top vendors and specializes in TaylorMade’s 3D Motion Capture System (MAT-T) and Flight Scope. Prior to joining The Golf Institute team, Parker provided a high level of quality instruction to the memberships at such exclusive clubs as Green Spring Valley H.C., The Elkridge Club and The Breakers Resort Palm Beach, FL.

Played Div. I Golf, Towson Univ., (Team Captain)
Taught 15,000 lessons, completed 2,000+ fittings
Mentored and coached: 2 U.S. Amateur Qualifiers
MD State Amateur Champion
Middle Atlantic Amateur Champion
2 U.S. Junior Amateur Qualifiers
MD State Junior Champion
Groomed 10 juniors in earning Div. I golf scholarships

Parker takes great pride shaping the playing abilities of all his students. He stresses the importance of a solid short game and course management to lower scores. His main influences are Jim McLean, Jimmy Ballard, Brian Manzella, Geoff Mangum & Dr. Bob Rotella. He has a true passion for teaching and enjoys sharing this with all his students. 443-928-8588

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