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Search thousands of golf courses
for information and reviews, browse
courses in maps, keep track of
scorecards, GPS Range finder
and more! No limited functionality or
trials. Everything is free!
Easy score keeping with our scorecard which saves in the cloud. You can
look up your old scorecards at any time!
The scorecard also keeps track of penalities, Fairway in Regulation(FIR) and
Greens in Regulation(GIR) in addition to the score and putts per hole.
Real-time GPS that displays distance to the green.
Functional Range Finder to get your fairway distance!
Shot by shot analysis that keeps track of which club you
used and the shot distance.
Map view of courses around you so you can easily find
new ones to try out.
The GolfSmash.com account is completely free!
You can enter scorecards, post photos, and share with social websites easily. Through our website you can
meet new golfer, share photos, post in the forums, post reviews, etc. We are dedicated to
improving our service. The app and the website will be constantly updated.