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Golf Wedge Reviews

Looking for the best Golf Wedge reviews on the web? You can find them at GolfSmash. We have golfers like yourself give unbaised and honest opinions on the best Golf Wedges in the industry. Many blogs or sites are simply paid advertisements that offer up their top rated Golf Wedge lists but with little actual honesty. When you come to GolfSmash, we pride ourselves in being user driven, not curated and editorialized content thats been sponsored by the manufacturer. We have no affliation with advertisers and their content and we never will. So come find and share your honest reviews with other golfers like yourself. The more you participate, the better we can help you. So if you're looking for the best Golf Wedge reviews, look no farther then Golfsmash.com.
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  Adams 2014 Tom Watson wedge Throughout Tom Watson's legendary career that includes 68 professional wins with eight major championships, he's displayed an incredible short game that's been an essential part of his success. The Adams RC14 Tom Watson Wedge meets his very high standards of shaping, feel, versatility, and performance.   Adams Golf Idea a2 OS Wedges Idea a2 OS set features four progressively shaped hybrids integrated to fit perfectly into a set of irons. Designed to be the easiest to hit set of irons in golf. The center of gravity is 11% lower and 2.5 times deeper when compared to conventional irons. This allows the CG to flow evenly and consistently through the set and delivers high launch, increased distance & precise gapping. 30% higher MOI provides more forgiveness.   Ben Hogan Wedges   Bristol 60 SW   Callaway CG Forged Copper Wedge The Callaway CG Forged Copper CC Wedge is the newest forged creation from Callaway Chief Designer Roger Cleveland. With new finish options that exude confidence, this wedge offers golfers all the control, spin and feel they could ever want to attack the pin. 21 tightly spaced, conforming grooves with sharper edges (due to the superior Triple Net Forging process) provide ideal trajectory and distance control while maximum conforming groove capacity ensures moisture is swept away, meaning more edges come in contact with the ball to maximize friction and increase spin. The Tour-inspired shape has a very traditional styling with a higher toe and straighter leading edge for a square look at address while providing versatility for pinpoint shot-making by relieving the heel and reducing the width of the sole. This design enables golfers to lay the face open while effectively reducing the bounce angle, allowing for proper contact and maximum spin and control. Each wedge loft has been paired with the ideal bounce to provide optimal turf interaction and versatility for creative shot-making.   Callaway Forged Trivalent Dark Chrome The straighter leading edge and more gradual C-shape sole grind (compared to last year’s Jaws) is meant to increase maneuverability. Forging the head (1020 carbon steel) helps to more precisely form the 21 tightly spaced grooves and their sharper edge radii.   callaway ft wedge set   Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedge Forged from 1020 carbon steel, the wedge line features two groove patterns. The lower-lofted wedges use a narrow groove for control on full swings, and the higher lofts have a larger groove for more spin from greenside rough. A laser-milled pattern between the grooves increases surface roughness to improve short-game shots.   Callaway Men's Mack Daddy Tour Tested Design with more spin and versatility from everywhere. Roger Cleveland combined Tour players' feedback on head shape and feel with an aggressive groove pattern and increased surface roughness to create an unparalleled scoring club. 39% larger grooves provide 25% more spin out of the rough. 5V groove found in 56*, 58*,60*64* wedges, 25% more spin claim based on full shots hit out of the rough compared to 2011 Forged Wedge. Increased surface roughness for more spin and control. Pre conditions the face to add surface roughness after the micro grooves wear off. C -Grind; Relief is ground out of the heel and toe, which enables golfers to lay the face open while effectively reducing the bounce angle. This allows for proper contact and maximum spin and control. U Grind; Inspired by Phil Mickelson this grind increases the dynamic bounce angle (actual bounce of the club when the ball is struck) without increasing the static bounce angle.   Callaway X Forged Wedge The Callaway X-Forged is a wedge produced by legendary clubmaker, Roger Cleveland. The Callaway X-Forged is built from soft 1020 carbon steel and features a tighter heel-toe radius for improved versatility from anywhere around the green. In addition, the X-Forged boasts aggressively-sized groove on selected 56- through 64-degree models that are designed at a maximum depth and width for tour-level spin, trajectory, and distance control. The X-Forged also includes a C Grind sole for maximum versatility in shot-making on a variety of various turf conditions around the green, not to mention up to 12 loft/bounce combinations ranging from 48 degrees to 64 degrees. The Callaway X-Forged retails for $109.99 and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.   Callaway X JAWS Wedge Suitable for golfers of all levels, the Callaway X Series Jaws Vintage wedge golf club is designed by Roger Cleveland for maximum spin and versatility. This Callaway Golf Club features Mack Daddy Grooves that offer maximum conforming area capacity, providing highest levels of spin and control. The C-Grind sole in the Callaway X Series Jaws Vintage Wedge appropriately maintains bounce level, improves turf interaction, and enhances playability condition. With forged carbon steel construction, this Callaway golf club delivers soft and responsive feedback at impact. The smooth chrome finish on this wedge golf club prevents rust and ensures durability.   Callaway X Series Jaws CC Slate Wedge To address the new grooves regulation (V-like instead of U-like). Callaway has added 40 percent more grooves that are deeper but narrower in width. The grooves are forged into the face (rather than milled) to create precise edges and consistent volume that gets as close to the USGA limit as possible.
  clevean   Cleveland 56 SW   Cleveland 588 Chrome Wedge Sleek and strong, the Cleveland 588 is a wedge golf club suitable for aspiring and professional golfers. The Cleveland 588 has a True Temper Tour shaft that ensures extraordinary ball flight. The Tour Zip grooves technology of this Cleveland golf club provide fine surface roughness to maximize spins and launching angles. Designed with a laser milled face, this chrome wedge ensures better launch conditions. Now enjoy greater forgiveness on off-center hits with this Cleveland golf club to give your best shot. The satin chrome finish imparts a smart appearance to this chrome wedge.   Cleveland 588 Forged Satin Wedge The Cleveland 588 Forged Satin CC Wedge is modeled after the number-one wedge of all time with the added benefits of forged construction, Tour Zip grooves, laser milling, and the exclusive Tour Concept shaft. Cleveland Golf's new 588 Forged Satin CC Wedge maintains the popular, tour-proven shape of its predecessor with a series of technological breakthroughs to provide even more performance benefits for experienced players. Every wedge is formed from 1025 carbon steel for an incredibly soft, solid feel and the highest level of manufacturing consistency for supreme confidence and trust over every shot. Tour Zip grooves and Laser Milled technology maximize spin in accordance with USGA regulations. Exclusive to the 588 wedge is the Tour Concept Wedge steel shaft, co-developed and engineered by Cleveland Golf and industry leader True Temper. With a unique stiffness profile that features a less active tip, this shaft promotes a more penetrating ball flight, increased spin, and optimal distance control along with superior feel.   Cleveland 588 RTG Wedge Cleveland 588 RTG Wedge Golf Club is a sand wedge featuring a 588 size head. With the centre of gravity placed low the Cleveland Wedge makes it much easier to get the ball out of a bunker. Cleveland 588 RTG Wedge Golf Club boasts of a large sweet spot which helps to oversee miss-hits and is more forgiving. Cleveland RTG 588 features the unique raw tour grind finish which not only makes the Cleveland 588 RTG Wedge Golf Club attractive, but also reduces glare and gives the extra bite for perfect spin control. Made of 8620 Carbon Steel the Cleveland Wedge also known as the Cleveland RTG 588 is a durable, compact and effective golf club apt to make a golf kit complete.   Cleveland 588 RTX Black Pearl Wedge The Cleveland 588 RTX Black Pearl Wedge combines the legendary performance of 588 with the breakthrough Rotex face - Cleveland Golf's most advanced spin technology ever. Developed closely with Tour players, these U-grooves are more precise and 16% larger to maximize spin on critical scoring shots - especially out of the rough, sand, and in wet conditions   Cleveland 588 RTX CB Wedge It features the same enlarged "zip" grooves of the RTX and the same combination of milled curves and laser-etched lines between grooves to optimize surface roughness. This cavity-back construction saves about 25 to 30 grams of weight that allows a wider, reverse-C sole grind.   Cleveland 588 RTX Wedge The company's "zip" grooves are 16-percent larger than they were in 2012 for better spin out of the rough. The face features two surface textures for enhanced control. The Rotex pattern uses milled, angled curves to improve consistency on open-face shots. Laser-etched lines between the grooves help make the surface roughness more uniform.

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