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My Golf Bag

My Golf Bag - What golf clubs are in your golf bag? Share with other golfers what clubs you're playing with and start up a conversation to get other golfers opinions and feedback on hundreds of golf clubs in the market.
  • My Golf Bag - Fill out what driver, fairway woods, iron set, wedges, and putter you're using in your golf bag so other golfers can see them on your profile page.
  • Golf Club Descriptions - Read detailed golf club descriptions on all GolfSmash golfer buddy's profiles and learn more about the technology behind the creation of each golf club.
Golf clubs are an extremely important aspect of the game. Golfers are constantly looking for golf clubs that can improve the distance of their drive, iron sets that will improve the accuracy of their iron shots, wedges that will stick more approach shots to the pin, and putters that can magically sink more putts. With GolfSmash's €'˜My Golf Bag' function, golfers can now see what clubs other golfers are using, start up a conversation with other golfers to get real feedback on each golf club before making a purchase, and see images of each golf club all in one convenient place. GolfSmash's 'My Golf Bag' tool is conveniently located on your golfer dashboard so go enter the information for the golf clubs in your bag today!