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Best Golf Book

Jan 15, 2015 5:34 PM
As a beginner in the field of golf you might need instructors equipment and a golf club among other essentials. This is important but what is of added advantage is having the best golf book to guide you. Golfers who are a bit old in the field might need the book as well because at times you run short of ideas and therefore might need something to keep up to track;a book will definitely do!

Finding the best golf book is not a tough task at all in fact within a click of a mouse you get a list of golf books. You might decide to search the books online further still seek advice form your instructor; he will definitely have an idea of the best book for you. At times in golfing you realize that you have much strength and energy at the driving range but nothing seem to change at all.

At some point you feel like giving up but the spirit of a true golfer keep you going it is at this point that you need to get a book to get back to the right track. In fact if you are looking forward to taking golf as a profession then owning at least one book is of great essence.

There are just a couple of books on golf that are of great help to golf players. Just take a look at the books below; you might want to buy one at some point:
Harvey Penicks little redbook-this caters for golfers at all levels. The book is motivating and has been written using the simplest presentation that can grab your attention in a very special way. It holds the basic techniques that you need to know about golf.
Dave Pelz short game bible-this is one famous book that was written by a golf teacher known as Dave Pelz. The books offers great golf techniques learned at the pelzs golf school. It has been written in a way that helps bring out excellent swing and lower the score as well.
Ben Hogans five lessons-this is a great book by Hogan it holds the basic tips to being a perfect golfer. Basically the book talks about the fundamentals of golf and other striking techniques.
Golf is not a game of perfect-the book has been written in a way that enhances positivism.