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19th Hole
News and Opinion

Golf Blogs: Stadium course, Sawgrass

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Warming Up For a Round of Golf
Feb 4, 2015 8:58 AM
A 2003 study regarding the effects of a golf specific warm-up and conditioning program established significant benefits of warming up before a round, especially for amateur golfers. Golfers need to be aware of the benefits of warm-ups, especially for injury prevention. Warm-ups help loosen your muscles, relax your body and improve the rhythm and timing of your swing. It helps you be confident, focused and ready when you hit your first shot. A proper warm-up is essential for peak performance. If you are out on the course a few times a month, you should make the most of your playing time. The best way to warm-up for a round of golf is with aerobic exercises to raise the body temperature followed by continuous dynamic stretches and finally, a series of golf swings with progressive increases in the range of movement and vigor. Warm-ups also help you fine tune the swing and strokes psychologically. While practice is essential for perfecting your golf swing, warming up prior to a round is significant. We discuss a few tips to get you in the proper frame of mind to warm-up for a round of golf: Reach the Course Early Your warm-up routine sets your pace for the round. Reach almost an hour before your tee time so you don’t feel rushed and can move slowly and relax. You need to visit the golf shop, use the restroom and change your shoes. Make sure you are in time to do all this stuff. Begin Warming Up On the Putting Green Start your smooth and deliberate warm-up on the greens first. It doesn’t make sense to get to the driving range and stretch there and then wait motionless on the putting green till it is your turn. Start warming up putting to a green from twenty, thirty and forty feet and a variety of angles. Spend a few more minutes rolling putts to a tee or a coin from ten feet to three feet and hitting 25 six-inch putts that run straight uphill. Spend Ten Minutes Hitting the Chip around the Green Spending time around the greens will aid you in choosing the best greenside shots during the round and to decide where to land the ball on the putting surface. Begin Your Aggressive Warm-up with Stretching Stretching improves your range of motion up to 17%. This portion of your warm-up should be at least 15 minutes. This can include aerobic exercises and dynamic stretching. Walk Slowly To the Tee and Practice Short Wedge Shots A short tee for all your shots on the range helps you hit the ball crisply. Your last few shots should be with the club you intend to use on the first tee, usually a 3 or 5-wood. Use the last five balls for smooth and slow motion swings that span 50 to 100 yards. This will reinforce balance which will help you on the course. In addition to the pointers mentioned above, time your routine so you don’t have to stand around more than a few minutes after your warm-up. If there is a delay, stand to the side of tee and make slow swings and stretch to stay loose. So, follow these tips to get into the right frame of mind before a round on the greens.

Seven Fun Facts about Golf
Oct 30, 2014 10:21 PM
Tags: USA   Japan   Peru   golf course   Moon   Stadium course, Sawgrass   China   FunFacts  
Check your knowledge about Golf through these seven fun facts #1) First 18 hole golf course was on a sheep farm in USA The very first 18-hole golf course was constructed in 1892 on a sheep farm of Downer’s Grove, Illinois. #2) Constructed Golf Courses are banned in China The Chinese government placed a ban on constructing all new golf courses, which did not prevent cities and local communities. Developers often trick and avoid mentioning that they will be building a new golf course. #3) 125,000 Golf balls a year At the famous 17th hole of the Stadium Course at Sawgrass, 125,000 golf balls are hit into the water per year. #4) Longest Golf Hole The 7th hole (par 7) on the Sano Course at the Satuski Golf Club in Japan is known as the longest golf hole in the world. It is measures 909 yards. #5) Hole-in-one Insurance In Japan, golfers buy insurance to protect themselves on the course. However, it is not similar to health insurance or to cover injury costs. The insurance is purchase to prevent the cost of gifts and drinks if they get a hole-in-one. The policy covers parties worth up to $3,000, for the price of $65 per year. #6) Golf and Moon Golf is the only sport on the moon. When Alan Shepard took two golf balls with him to the moon, it made him become the only person to play any sport on the another world. He hit two golf balls during his trip on the lunar surface in 1971. #7) Highest Golf Course in the World The Tactu Golf Club in Morococha, Peru is the only highest golf course in the world. It is 14,335 feet above the sea level. Photo Credit: 7th Hole (par 7), Sano Course at Satuski Club, Japan

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