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How to Help Cure Your Slice

May 28, 2014 10:51 AM
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Have you ever sliced the ball so bad, you want to walk off the tee box or just go home all together? The slice seems to be the most popular miss I’ve seen in golf, especially for beginners. A slice is a golf shot that goes far right because you have a swing flaw that keeps the face of the club wide open. I will describe this in further details below and give you a couple things to work on that may help.
The Slice- When the ball curves to the right.
The Cause- When the clubface is facing right in relation to the path of the golf swing. You’re swing line can also be redirected to the left with the face open. They are working against each other, creating a missed golf shot. Sometimes, the ball can be too forward in your stance. Make sure it’s in the center. Also, the grip must be working together as a team, the hands facing each other pointing toward the right shoulder.
The Effect- A missed golf shot and uncomfortable swing path. The ball has little to no chance once it’s been sliced. If you can control this type of shot, you’re golden!
The Cure- Release the club and allow the club to turn over through your swing. You are NOT swinging a baseball bat, so allowing the club to release. If you do this correctly, it allows the clubface to rotate and the ball will follow.
Drills are a great way to reinforce this action into your swing. Stand with your feet together and take half swings at 50% of your usual swing speed. Over emphasize the rotation and release the club. Do this 5 times then hit one full regular shot. Then repeat. I think this is a great way to create the straight shots you want to shoot lower scores and feel more confident. 

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