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Oct 14, 2014 5:58 PM
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When playing golf and hitting the golf ball, you want to get yourself into the correct impact positions and alignments. The goal should be to swing “through” the ball, not “at” the ball. Get a proper set up, and align yourself toward the target. Make sure your feet are shoulder width apart, and allow your arms to hang infront of your body. 

Start in the address position, with your leading hand pointed at the ball. When you start your golf swing, you want to make sure you are arriving at the same position at impact. Your hands will actually be a couple inches ahead of the ball at impact, which is called compression of the ball. Another way to check if your impact position is in the correct position, your belt buckle/belly button should be forward into the follow through position. 

Move your left knee toward the target (right knee if you're a lefty). Take your stance, then take your back swing, and once you have started making the downswing, you want to make sure the club is driving forward and hitting down on the ball. 

What does hitting down on the ball mean?

Well, mostly these shots are for your iron shots. You need to compress the golf club into the ground, squeezing the ball into the air. The leading edge will lead into the ground causing the ball to release up into the air. Focusing in on the leading edge staying low will allow you to control the ball much easier. It's very difficult to let the club do the work when your body is over compensating. By using your lower body and allowing the club to swing through, you maintain your spine angle- leading the club to do the work.

A checkpoint to determining whether you are doing the right thing or not, is by looking at where you finish. Your stance should be following through onto your left side and there shouldn't be any weight on your right foot. In regards to your follow through, you want to make sure both of your hips are pointing straight to the target and your arms/ hands have finished in between your left ear and shoulder. These are key tips to helping build and enhance the impact and path of your swing. 


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