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Power Tips for Women: Chicken Wings, Arm Pits, and More!

May 14, 2014 7:32 PM
If you're a female golfer and trying to figure out why you hit is so short, and ways to create more power- then this is the instructional for you! 

Five tips to help you drive more power in your swing: 

1. Allow room for your arms to hang down  naturally  in your set up. When you do this, you will allow for a           free swing and the power will be able to create momentum. You want to have at least a hand's distance in        between your belly and the butt of the grip.

2. Rotate don't Sway! When you are set up to hit your golf shot, be sure to stay still over the ball and rotate              around your spine. A tip to help get the feeling of this, is by standing up against the wall with your butt                  touching it. Bend over like you're going to take your back swing and feel the resistance in comparison of            your upper and lower body. Make sense? 

3. Swing through the ball, not at it. So many times, I've seen players try to make the club hit the ball. The                beautiful thing about the golf club and the swing, is that if you just swing it back and through, most likely,            the club will do all of the work for you. Instead of hitting at the ball, keep your head down and think about            smoothly swinging through the ball. Easy! 

4. It's ok to take a divot! In golf, it's the best to sweep the ball instead of chunking it and gouging the turf.               However, when hitting iron shots, it's ok to take a divot because you are compressing the ball and giving it         more of an opportunity to go further. It's definitely better to hit it thin (sweep) than to chunk it (dig), but you'll         be happy with the shot once you've hit that delicious divot! 

5. Save the chicken wings for dinner! Have you ever seen someone hit a golf shot and their right arm (for left-handed players) is flying out in the back swing? Does it look like they may take off and fly away? Chances are they have the "chicken wing" going on in their swing! To avoid this, feel like you are keeping your armpit closed. If you think about keeping the swing tight in the backswing, you will start to see your shots get more consistent too. 

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