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About Me

2013 Golf Digest Top Teacher
As The Golf Institute founder, Damon is a Class A PGA Member with 15 years of instructional experience and 25 years of experience playing the game. His passion is sharing his knowledge of the game with those who seek to improve. He selected the Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade (MAT-T) system to be the centerpiece of The Golf Institute because the benefits it brings to the Golfer-Instructor partnership. He brings expertise in all facets of instruction including full swing video analysis utilizing the latest version of the V1 software as well as the ‘Swingvision’ capabilities of his Casio high- speed digital camera, short game, and the Maryland Puttingzone Academy. As a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Professional, he provides analysis on the physical requirements for good golf and will also attend to all your club fitting needs.

Some of his main influences are: Brian Manzella, Geoff Mangum, David Edel, and David Orr, Damon’s passion for golf extends to playing and he has won several events in the Mid Atlantic PGA Section - as such, he believes playing lessons are an integral part of an instructional curriculum.

Call 410-340-1819 or email damonlucas@verizon.net to schedule.

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