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« Maine Golf Courses

Barnes Brook Golf Course

Address: 1886 Main Rd, West Enfield, ME 04493-4440
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Course Info

Green Valley is a 35 par 9 hole course.
Opened in 1965 James & Henry Plourde was the course architect.
The course has a Open guest policy.
Club Type: Semi-Private.

The original name was Green Valley Golf Course
This golf course was started by James Plourde Sr., and his son Henry Plourde.  James was a 
worker at the Tannery in Howland, ME.  With the influence of his management team out of 
Massachusetts and a couple of locals (Herb Vanadestine, and Tom Ware) they convinced him 
that golf was going to be the next big thing in sports and he should convert his field into a golf 
course.  James and Henry went to work in 1963 to build the course.  In 1964 the little nine hole 
golf course was opened.  
The summer of 1975 James Plourde Jr. took over running the golf course and did so for 21 
years.  The biggest change Jim did was to convert one of the easiest Par 4's into the toughest 
par 4 in the state, Hole # 5.
In 1996 James Jr. sold the course to Andrew & Kim McLaughlin with their partner Gerry Clifford.  
The biggest change came In 2001, when after a couple of years of dry weather,  Andy decided to 
put in a full irrigation system from tee to green.  He termed it "The Big Dig".  

In 2006 it was sold to Barnes Brook, LLC.  Since 2006 they have rebuilt all the bunkers and add 
a bunch of new tees.  They are currently adding tees so that the facility will be 2400 yards from 
the front tees and just over 3300 yards from the back for the long hitters.  In 2007 they installed  
Full Swing Golf Simulator so everyone can play or practice their golf game year round (40 
different golf courses).
This golf course will test the best players and be enjoyed by the average player.  This is a golf 
ball friendly golf course as well as family friendly.  We encourage all ages to play this game they 
can play a lifetime.  Barnes Brook G.C. is a walking friendly golf course.  We offer rental of riding 
carts with roofs for the non walkers as well.  The golf course is continually being worked on to 
have some of the best playing conditions year after year.     
We have some of the best season passes available.  Golf cart storage is available, year round, 
for those who own their own golf cart and would like to enjoy the fun here all the time.  We have 
several leagues and clubs for all ages.  We have several charity golf tournaments to bring 
awareness as well to help out the local community.