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« Georgia Golf Courses

Capital City Club Brookhaven

Address: 53 W Brookhaven Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30319-1101
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Course Info

That is Atlanta's Capital City Club, as described in the charter granted by Fulton Superior Court on May 21, 1883.

There were sixty-two social and business leaders of the booming little city of Atlanta who organized the Club on April 16, 1883 and petitioned for their charter the following day. Today Atlanta is still booming; the Capital City Club, now among the oldest social organizations in the South, still includes the social and business leaders of the city; and the legal description still fits.y C. Stockdell was the Club's first president. He was succeeded in 1884 by Robert J. Lowry; and then -- in 1885 -- Livingston Mims began the longest term as president, serving, with a two-year interruption, from 1886 through 1906. Subsequent presidents have all served two years or less.  The first clubhouse was at 43 Walton Street, then at the southeast corner of Walton and Fairlie. In August 1884, the Club moved into a new establishment at 114 Peachtree Street.. The present downtown Club was dedicated on December 16, 1910.

The Country Club property was leased in 1913 and purchased in 1915. At that time the golf course was increased from nine to eighteen holes. The present spacious Country Club building was erected in 1928.

Traditionally the center of Atlanta's social activity, the Capital City Club has likewise been the most popular gathering place for the
The original lake and clubhouse at
Brookhaven Country Club
city's leading business professionals. Here visiting notables, including three presidents of  the United States, have been entertained in an atmosphere of Southern hospitality.