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« Kentucky Golf Courses

Rolling Hills Country Club

Address: 701 Lakeview Dr, Paducah, KY 42003-5587
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Course Info

Rolling Hills is a 72 par 18 hole course.
Opened in 1927 The course has a Reciprocal guest policy.
Club Type: Private.

There is good news, great news, and exceptional bunker news from the course.
Good News
          We have some really bad sections in some of our bunkers.  These bad sections are easily identified because gravel from the drainage level has mixed with the sand.  The good news—we have a plan to repair these areas.  We have purchased a new liner to install in these bunker sections.  The grounds crew will remove the sand/gravel mix, repair the liner and put in new sand.  This is a top priority for the team that will improve the aesthetics and playability of the bunkers.
Great News
          The grounds crew recently completed much needed work to most of the bunkers on the golf course.  Almost 40 tons of new sand has been added to many of the bunkers, shoveled up onto the faces, then raked and smoothed.  While the traps are not perfect and many need new drainage, this work has made definite improvements in the playability of many of the hazards.
Exceptional News 
          The greenside bunker on #9 will soon be rebuilt by Green Tee Golf using a new liner-less drainage system.  The size of this bunker will also be reduced by about 30% while adding a mounded area to the left side to help water drain off of the green during heavy rains without washing the sand out of the bunker.  The new bunker will feature a new white-angular sand that should be a great test bunker for the members to try this season.  This project is scheduled to be completed by mid April weather permitting.