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Ball Position.....Where Is it????

Nov 11, 2014 3:38 AM
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There’s only one correct ball position in golf.  Yep, I said it.  Just one.

The correct ball position for every club in your bag is the same and if you look at it logically you’ll shake your head and wonder why you never thought of it before. The correct ball position for all of your clubs is impact position.  Sounds too easy right?  Well, it is and let me explain it in more detail.

First, go grab a driver and maybe a wedge from your bag and let’s hammer it home.  Before you grab one of the clubs and get in your normal stance I want you to just get in a solid impact position without swinging.  Visualize the impact of the club and the ball.

Ok, now go and grab one of the clubs and get back into your impact position just as you had prior to grabbing the club.  Does the position of the club look similar to what you visualized when your hands where empty?  Now, put whichever club you just used down and repeat the impact position without a club again.  Still the same spot?  Grab the other club and do the same.  Still look similar?

The reason they all look similar is that impact position is the same for all clubs.  Your body only has one correct impact position it can get into where you hit the ball first and then the turf (or a teed ball) without having to make compensations during the course of your backswing and downswing into impact.  The only thing that should change is your distance from the ball and that comes automatically from the differing shaft lengths.

You ever wonder why you top balls with some clubs and chunk them with the others?  Ball position may not be the only reason, as your SWING alone may be hindering you, but this is definitely a large part of your problem.  Balls positioned too far up in our stance are simply just a little too far ahead of the bottom of our swing arc and impact position.  We have to reach too far to make contact.  Conversely with balls positioned too far back in your stance, the club gets to the ground before it can get to the bottom of our swing arc and impact position and BOOM, chunk city.

Now the exact ball position that is perfect for you is dependent on your body, but a good start would be to utilize a logo on your shirt.  Or if you don’t have a logo, you can use your left ear.  Another good idea to help you locate the correct ball position is to utilize the visualization exercise you engaged in above.  When you do begin the quest to find your perfect ball position for your body you are going to notice a few things.

One.  This will make setting up super easy to repeat.  We do enough to mess with our golf games.  Setup should be easy. 

And two.  You will find that with all of your clubs you now have the correct shoulder/spine tilt.  The best way to get your hands into the setup is to start with your left hand on the club and then bring in your right hand like you are coming under from the right.  This will get your shoulder tilt perfect and help square up your shoulders.

With this one ball position you are making it infinitely easier on your body to get into impact position with the least amount of contortion and compensations.  Go out there and try it.  Work to find that perfect spot in that general one or two inch area (below the logo or left ear) and watch your contact, ball flight, and consistency improve!

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