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Louisville, KY, USA
Handicap 0
About Me
My journey in golf has been a long one. When I think about the totality of my experiences, they really really do spread far and wide.

I've worked in just about every job in the club/course world, from cart boy to assistant professional. Whether it was teaching a beginners clinic, or managing a small staff, the course management world always presented new opportunities to learn about the golf industry.

I've also worked for one of the largest junior golf tournament organizations in the world as a tournament director and director of tour development and marketing. Being privy to the inner workings and personalities of the games top junior talent was something I took great joy in.

In my own world, my golf game has developed into one I feel could eventually take me to the professional ranks. As a teenager I could barely break 100. Over the last 20 years I've worked hard, taken my lumps, studied the great players and teachers of the game, and currently have a handicap of 0.6.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and hopefully bettering your game, your understanding of the golf world, or just providing you with some entertainment.
School Xavier University
Status[?]: Social Hacker

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